10 Years of The Very Best of HUMP!:

This year we are touring a few cities with the very best of HUMP! We have selected some of our (and audience) favorites from 2008 through 2017. We reached out to the filmmakers and were able to have them resubmit their films to us for this very special mini tour!  Tour cities include San Francisco, Vancouver BC, Washington DC, Oakland, Denver, Minneapolis, Chicago, Madison, Brooklyn, Olympia, Austin, LA, Toronto, Eugene, & Philly! See below for tickets!

The Very Best of HUMP Trailer!

2020 Tickets and Locations

  • Austin, TX - August 28 & 29 GET TICKETS
  • Olympia, WA - August 22 GET TICKETS
  • Los Angeles, CA - September 10 - 12 - Tickets TBA
  • Toronto, Canada - September 19 - Tickets TBA
  • Philadephia, PA - October 15 & 16 - Tickets TBA

The Best of HUMP! 2008 to 2017 Films

  • Butthole Lickin’, 2008

    To kiss or not to kiss? That is the question two women must explore after one rims the other. Lesbian processing has never looked so good.

  • Fun with Fire, 2009

    And now for something artsy. An expert shows us the beauty of flame on (un-burnt, professionally done, don’t try this at home) flesh. This one will have audiences squirming in their seats.

  • Rumpy Pumpy, 2012

    This animated celebration of body parts is more comprehensive a lesson in anatomy than anything you learned in school!

  • Tuff Titties: Motor Boys, 2012

    Hold on to your dipstick! Two sweaty mechanics spend an afternoon blowing valves, lubing tailpipes, and checking under each other’s hoods.

  • EdenXXX, 2012

    Years’ worth of home video from two massively horney burners condensed into three unforgettable minutes of furry hats, glitter, and blowjobs galore.

  • The Beat, 2012

    A morning self-love session ends with a surprise twist (that probably wouldn’t surprise anyone).

  • Ouroboros, 2013

    This hot gay sex rewind/infinity loop starts with a come shot and ends with a man in bed watching the sex he'll be having later on his laptop. Ass-pounding and mind-bending!

  • Fuck, 2013

    A spoken-word poet takes us on an erotic journey of our most carnal desires.

  • Rube, 2014

    Mr. Goldberg would have never imagined that his contraption would trigger such a sexy chain reaction!

  • The Glory Hole, 2014

    Some true love stories have more… well… provocative beginnings than others. Such is the case with this endearing San Francisco couple.

  • The Grocer, 2014

    Clean up on aisle 4! A night manager’s penchant for produce leads to a sticky-floored fantasy.

  • The Collector, 2015

    A man opens up about his disturbing collection. A truly jarring film.

  • Film Bonoir, 2015

    A cynical dick takes on a challenging head case.

  • Wild Lovers, 2015

    Two feral queer foxes frolic, finger, and fuck in their natural habitat.

  • Level Up, 2015

    More powerful than Lara Croft, Mona Sax, and Zelda combined, one video vixen takes on the evils of misogyny, body shame, and bad sex.

  • Breakfast in Bed, 2016

    A HUMP! film you will NEVER forget. What's a boy to do after some hot early morning sex? Make his man something equally hot for breakfast...

  • Boat Daddy, 2016

    Two hot gay seamen do a lot more than sailing. Vintage style paired with classic fuck.

  • Summer Fuckation, 2016

    What did you do last summer? This hot sporty couple fucked at Burning Man, climbed some rocks and fucked on top of those, they even fucked in the sky. Their sex conquers all summer activities and it’s hot as hell!

  • A Pervert's Guide to Avoiding Loneliness, 2016

    Remember your college friend who would pick up a guitar at every party? Well, he got himself an accordion—and a jock strap—and now he’s going to sing us a song about how his long list of kinks have complicated his love life…

  • Birthday Boss, 2016

    What happens in an office cubicle doesn’t always stay in an office cubicle, as proven in this phone sex session!

  • Paramnesia, 2017

    Kinky Tumblr girls shot a Lynchian porn! Get ready for sexy, scary, and simultaneously adorable nightmares.

  • Bed Bugs, 2017

    The ghost of boyfriend past haunts a trashed mattress.